Cleaning services

Jewelry requires gentle care to ensure its everlasting beauty. That’s why Diamond Creations offers complimentary cleaning and inspection for your fine jewelry. This service should be performed at least once a year and includes the following operations:

Polishing services

The Polishing Service allows your piece of jewelry to rediscover its original shine and brilliance, without altering its shape. Given that the removal of a fine layer of metal is involved in the polishing of jewelry, we recommend not to have this service carried out too often. Moreover, polishing cannot remove any scratches that are too deep. Performed by a specialist polisher, the service includes the following operations:

Resizing services

Performed on a bracelet, necklace or ring, this service consists of increasing or reducing the size of the item. This involves a series of meticulous and delicate operations performed by specialized jewelers. The service includes the following operations:

The diagnosis

Free Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Diamond Creations is proud to offer a free lifetime diamond upgrade. Any loose diamond purchased from Diamond Creations, can be exchanged for credit equivalent to the original purchase price for a new diamond that is at least fifty percent greater value. In order to be eligible, the diamond being upgraded must be accompanied with original documentation and must be in saleable condition. Upgrades are not available for colored gemstones, settings and jewelry. Upgrade credit does not include duty or tax paid on the original purchase. All applicable duties and taxes will be charged on the full retail price of the new diamond before any credit is applied. If the upgraded diamond cannot be set in your original engagement ring setting, you can exchange it for a precious metal credit as determined by Diamond Creations. We will recycle gold or platinum jewelry and offer a credit based on current metal prices. Please call us at (732) 602-8877 for more information on our diamond upgrade policy.

We Buy Gold and Diamonds

Bring your diamonds, gold, platinum, silver or palladium into Diamond Creations and we will purchase it at a fair and competitive price. We accept gold of any karat or color. Silver should be stamped STERLING or 925.


Whether you have rings, earrings (singles or pairs), bracelets, chains, pins, pendants, watches or any jewelry in both gold and silver that is damaged or unusable, come see us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff appreciates the opportunity to inspect and evaluate each item piece by piece and answer any questions. We commit to making every experience at Diamond Creations an exceptional one, and our gold buying program is no exception.  

For a private consultation or to ask any questions prior to your visit contact us via phone or email.


As part of our Gold and Diamonds-Buying service, Diamond Creations is proud to provide:

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